Everything You Want to Know About: Dentures

Everything you want to know about: DENTURES


What are dentures?

                Dentures are a very common and relatively inexpensive way to replace all missing teeth. Dentures are an option when all the natural teeth are missing.

What holds dentures in my mouth?

Dentures are custom made to your mouth, closely fitting to your gums and bone tissue with a layer of saliva between your gums and the denture. The anatomy of the palate allows for better suction. This is why upper dentures tend to have fewer problems than lower dentures. The consistency for your saliva plays a keyrole in the suction. Lower dentures are largely held in place by the musculature of the mouth and bone they set on. When there is minimal bone on either upper or lower jaws creates a dilemma. Denture adhesives are sometimes used to help hold dentures in place. Your dentist will be able to examine your mouth and determine the best route to replace your teeth. Implants can be another great option to hold dentures in place.

 Is there more than one type of dentures? YES

standard/conventional dentures are made when all the teeth have been removed and your mouth has completely healed.

Immediate dentures- inserted the day all remaining teeth have been removed.  Typically used when the patient doesn’t want to go through a period without teeth. This option does have risks such as, changes to your mouth after healing from the extractions. There may be changes in the shape of the mouth leading to a loose or ill-fitting denture. The changes that occur after healing may require that the dentures be  relined or even remade.

Overdentures- these dentures use some of the remaining teeth or dental implants to gain stability and retention. Over dentures are very popular on the lower.

Once I have my dentures, do I need to see my dentist again? YES

After a dentist delivers your new dentures it is very common to get sores and irritations in your mouth for a period of time. Your dentist will need to adjust your dentures accordingly. Checkups are still needed to ensure your dentures are fitting properly. Your dentist will check all structures in your mouth to ensure there are no problems such as infections, fungus, cancer, etc.

How much do dentures cost?

According to a set of dentures can cost $600-$10,000.